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Our programs and activities are made possible
through the generosity of our Associate Members.
Listed below are our members during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Honorary Life Member

Mr. Yves Albert Feder
Mr. Elias N. Kulukundis
Mr. George P. O’Leary
Mr. Wm. Nicholas Renouf
Mr. Frank Rutkowski
Mr. Hans H. Schambach
Mr. Timothy A. Steinert
Mr. Lawrence S. Wilkinson

Steinert Fellow

Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation

Skinner Fellow

Ms. Victoria K. DePalma


Dr. Emile Boulpaep
Mr. Elias N. Kulukundis
Mr. Thomas G. MacCracken
The Steinert Family


Serena and Robert Blocker
George and Reba O’Leary
Mr. George Warburg


Liesa and Milton N. Allen
Mr. A. Chace Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Anderson, Jr.
Mr. Ronald Bell
Mrs. Ann Bliss
Anne and Guido Calabresi
Ms. Berclee Cameron
Prof. Ki and Juliet Chon
Mrs. Grace A. Clark
Ms. Constance C. Clement
Philip and Theresa Conforti
Mr. and Mrs. R. Raleigh D’Adamo
Constance and Peter Dickinson
The Rev. Richard G. Fabian
Karen G. Flint
Anne-Marie Foltz
Dr. Mary Jewett Greer
Diane Hill
Prof. Joseph F. Hoffman
Prof. Francesco Iachello
Robert and Claude January
Prof. Boyd M. Jones
Phillip J. Kass
Dr. Robert W. Lyons
Elizabeth D. C. Meyer
Prof. Craig A. Monson
Kathyrn and Peter Patrikis
Dr. E. Anthony Petrelli
Prof. Leon Plantinga
Prof. and Mrs. William Purvis
Gary and Diane Ransom
Rod Regier
Charles and Anne Rudig
Alan D. Seget, Esq.
Marlowe Sigal
Kerala and Richard Snyder
Shepard and Marlene Stone

Sponsor (cont'd)

Claudia R. Thompson and George R. Exner
The Rev. and Mrs. Kirk E. Thompson
Susan E. Thompson
Mrs. Avril Winks
Beverly Woodward
Michael and Gail Yaffe
Earl and Constance Young


Mr. Alexander S. Bauhart and Mr. Ronald H. Bedig
Francis Braunlich & Elizabeth Neuse
Ms. Adela Y. Collins
Linda Cunningham & Robert Havlena
The Kahn Family
Bruce Larkin and Donna Jarlenski
Rosamund Morley and Robert Storr
Leonard Passano and Elizabeth Howe
Melvyn and Amanda Pond
Charles and Elizabeth Possidente
Sue and Doug Rollins
Lynda E. Rosenfeld and Richard M. Weiss
Daniel and Susan Rosner
Prof. Koichi Shinohara
Damon and Pat Smith
Sarah Jessica Whitson


Caroline Bacon
F. Vining Bigelow
Mr. John H. Burkhalter III
Prof. Walter Cahn
Bill W. Chalsma and Tracy Smith
Shulamith Chernoff
Phoebe N. Coleman
Mary Elizabeth Daley
Edith H. Evangeliste
Ms. Joyce V. Goldberg
Mr. Ellsworth Hood
Peter Huvelle
Susan Rees Jones
Mr. Kerry K. Keane
Ann Marlowe
Mr. Alfred Lemmon
Prof. Susan J. Marchant
Marie-Suzanne Niedzielska
Kathryn L. Reichard In honor of Nicholas Renouf
Manana Sikic
Mr. John R. Stieper
Dr. J. W. Streett
Mr. John F. Sutton
Ms. Sally L. Taylor
Ms. Erica Warnock
Mr. Robert M. Webster


Tiffany Ng