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Instrument Loan Policies

To initiate a request, please read through the following loan agreement
policies and continue to the request form.

 Loan Agreement

  1. An instrument or bow on loan and the associated accessories, such as cases, straps, etc. (“the Instrument”) are the sole responsibility of the Borrower. The Instrument is to remain in the Borrower’s possession until the termination of the loan.
  2. The Instrument is to be returned on or before the date designated. Renewals may be granted at the discretion of the Director of the Collection of Musical Instruments (“the Director”), but only after the Instrument has been returned at the end of the borrowing period.
  3. Failure to return the Instrument on time may result in the revocation or suspension of borrowing privileges. Further action may include placing a hold on the student’s diploma or denying his or her participation in Commencement activities. For non-student Borrowers, full legal remedies will be pursued.
  4. The University agrees to insure the Instrument while in the possession of the Borrower. The Borrower may be assessed a deductible in an amount up to $1,000, at the discretion of the School of Music, if the School of Music finds that the loss of or damage to the Instrument is due to the Borrower’s gross negligence, willful misconduct, or failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations for Use.
  5. The Director reserves the right to terminate the loan agreement at any time and for any reason, and if such agreement is terminated, the Borrower agrees to return the Instrument within 24 hours.
  6. The Borrower understands that by affixing his or her signature to this document, he or she agrees to the terms of the loan as specified herein and the Rules and Regulations for Use, and assumes full responsibility for the Instrument.


Rules and Regulations for Use

  1. The Borrower agrees to take the utmost care to protect the Instrument and prevent it from loss, theft, or damage. In the unlikely event that an instrument is damaged, the Director must be notified immediately.
  2. The Borrower is not to lend the Instrument to a second party.
  3. The Instrument is to be used only for Yale School of Music-related events unless permission has been granted by the Director.
  4. The Instrument is not to be used in conducting private instruction or in any other for-profit endeavor.
  5. For certain instruments, the Yale School of Music and/or the Yale Collection of Musical Instruments must be acknowledged if the Instrument is used in a recording or public performance. For these cases the Collection will provide a statement of acknowledgement.
  6. If loss, theft, or damage occurs, the Borrower must notify the Director as soon as practicable, shall protect the Instrument from further damage, and shall fully cooperate with the School of Music and the University’s insurers.
  7. The Instrument is not to be taken to a repair shop or luthier without permission from the Director. If the Instrument is in need of attention or repair, the Director must be notified immediately.
  8. The Instrument shall not be subject to extreme cold or hot temperatures, or to exposure to the elements.
  9. The Borrower agrees to hand carry and keep the Instrument in sight at all times during transit. The Instrument is not to be checked as aircraft baggage, unless mandated by the airline.