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Meet the Staff


William Purvis

Susan E. Thompson

Christina Linsenmeyer
Associate Curator

Timothy Feil
Program Coordinator
Preservation, Exhibition,
Museum Management

Will Robbins
Program Coordinator
Preservation, Exhibition,
Museum Management

Gabriel Mairson
Graduate Student Assistant
Museum Practices


Andrew Dipper
Conservator of Stringed Instruments
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Rodney Regier
Conservator of Fortepianos
Freeport, Maine

Current Interns

A description of the Collection’s Internship Program may be found below. Please note, the program has been suspended for the academic year 2019-2020 while the museum’s building undergoes renovation.

Past Interns

Timothy Feil (2017-2019)
New Haven, Connecticut

Will Robbins (2017-2019)
New Haven, Connecticut

Winona van Alstyne  (2017-2018)
New Haven, Connecticut

Kelly Hill (2013-2017)
Bettendorf, Iowa

Samuel Bobinski (2015-2017)
New Haven, Connecticut

Katrin Endrikat (2014-2015)
Bern, Switzerland

Jane Mitchell (2013-2014)
Miami, Florida

Wai Lau (2012-2013)
Hong Kong

Colin Meinecke (2012-2013)
San Antonio, Texas

Ian Petruzzi (2012-2013)
Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Ian O’Sullivan (2011-2012)
Honolulu, Hawaii

Scott Holben (2010-2011)

Beth Wiese (2010-2011)
Evanston, Illinois


Internship Program

Established in 2010, the Collection’s internship program provides recent graduates of accredited undergraduate or graduate school programs with an opportunity to learn about the mission, activities, and operations of a musical instrument museum.

Interns generally are hired for the period of one academic year. During this time, they are expected to assist with all aspects of museum life, including archival preservation, instrument documentation, exhibit preparation and maintenance, concert management, public relations, and the presentation of tours and classes.

Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and be between the ages of 21-29 years. Preferred candidates will have well developed writing skills, a demonstrated proficiency in the creation and realization of projects, and a serious interest in antique musical instruments, historical performance practices, and/or museum management.

Interns’ responsibilities vary throughout the course of the year. It is expected that successful candidates will regard their internships as the professional focus and primary means of financial support for the ​term​ for which they have been hired.

For more information about the program, contact the museum’s  director or curator.