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A Gift: The Paul A. Munier
Collection of Military Snare Drumsticks

Ra-ta-pum, ra-ta-pum, ra-ta-pum!
June 1, 2015
Select pairs from the Paul A. Munier Collection of Military Snare Drumsticks.

Select pairs from the Paul A. Munier Collection of Military Snare Drumsticks.



We are pleased to announce the acquisition of an important collection of 20th century military drumsticks. This gift, donated by Paul A. Munier of Haverill, MA, comprises 60 pairs made in a variety of materials, lengths, and tip shapes. Highlights include hand-turned pairs of rosewood, ebony, cocobolo, persimmon, zebra wood, and solid steel.

Solid steel snare drums sticks used for practice by F.G. Holt of Souza's band.

Solid steel snare drumsticks used for practice
by F.G. Holt of Sousa’s band.

The solid steel pair of sticks pictured here was used for practice on a rubber pad by F.G. Holt, a snare drummer who played in the band of John Philip Sousa. Other pairs of Mr. Munier’s collection were owned by champion drummers P.F. Mietzner, the “Poet Drummer of Connecticut,” and A.B. Smith, the “Farmer Drummer of Connecticut.”

Mr. Munier is a retired school teacher who has long been interested in American military music. For many years he spent his leisure hours as a drum major, composer, and editor of multiple editions of military drum duets. His donation is a unique addition to our holdings, and we are grateful for his generosity in providing the funds to have the collection photographed and digitally preserved. We hope to display a small portion of his collection in the near future.


I hope that can be explanations (a) why different types of woods (and steel) were used to make the ‘sticks, (b) were the different woods used for different purposes, and (c) did the different woods make different sounds.
A wonderful and unique collection.

June 30th, 2015 | Van Velsor Wolf '66

The drumsticks are so interesting, especially since I grew up
going to many military sites with many bands and drums,with
concerts and festive playing of the drums.This was during
World War II.It was great music and well done!

Thank you so much.

November 11th, 2015 | June Russell

Mr. Munier is a gold mine of information on New England drumming in the 20th century. These drumsticks are just one small aspect of his interest and pesonal experience with professional drumming and teaching over decades of work. I’m delighted to see that Yale has picked up this remarkable group of percussion tools.

November 27th, 2015 | Barbara Haines